Party Ideas for Halloween


It’s a grueling night. You must stuff your face with candy before the clock strikes midnight. It is one day of the year that scaring people, playing dress up and binging on candy is deemed socially acceptable for all ages. Pick out your favorite costume and sit back and relax. Our florists at The Tilted Tulip Florist in Jefferson City, TN have everything you need to make this Halloween SPOOKtacular.

The Happy Halloween Bouquet adds that extra twist of Halloween fun to any Halloween party. Halloween parties give everyone the excuse to let go of their worries and enjoy a little bit of fun. Grab your BOO and pick out your costumes. Halloween season is underway.

Nothing says a fun Halloween party like a onesie themed Halloween party. It is your chance to act like a kid all over again. Everyone loves the excuse to go out and buy another onesie. That’s right. We know about those secret stashes of onesies. Let your Halloween party be fun, comfortable and nostalgic with onesies. They come in all kinds. Minnie and Mickie, Pooh and Eeyore to the classic Chewbacca and Frankenstein. Onesies are easy go-to costumes for any Halloween party and can be used long after the party is over.

Hosting Halloween parties can be a lot of fun. You can use as much creativity as you want. From puny jokes to adorably creepy treats, but with all the fun comes lots of work that goes into it! One thing if for sure, Halloween parties are here to stay. Just don’t go to a Halloween party empty-handed. It could cost you your life... Intense pause... Not really, but it is polite. Show the host how much you appreciate them with a fall-inspired gift that they can enjoy for the remaining o the season. Flowers are a great choice!

Grab your BOO and party your hearts out at your next Halloween party! Our florists at The Tilted Tulip Florist in Jefferson City, TN are here to help make hosting or attending a Halloween party easier with flowers to fit the occasion. Be the life of the party with a fun and spooky treat.

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