Fall Wedding Themes


Choose a season, plan a theme and add those special touches to make your day feel extra special. Weddings are a huge day in our lives. It should be special, and exactly what you want. Our florists at The Tilted Tulip Florist in Jefferson City, TN are here to help make that wedding planning process easier.

We create stunning fall themed arrangements that will be a perfect accent to your fall wedding, Fall in love all over again with the European Garden Bouquet as a dazzling centerpiece. The brilliance of fall colors is specifically arranged to add a luxurious feel. Accent your wedding tables with this beautiful arrangement, and It will be the talk of the day... behind the beauty of the bride, of course.

Fall wedding flower ideas can vary as much as a relationship does. Choose what you like and move on from there. It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks but you and your special someone. Your fall wedding flowers of choice may have a distinct meaning behind it or simply reflect your style preference. Regardless, your choice is yours and doesn’t have to be justified.

Your fall wedding flowers should complement the wardrobe of your groomsmen and bridal party. They don’t have to be the same but coordinating them will make your wedding pictures even more exceptional. Choose fall wedding flower ideas that you want and would be happy to pair with your groomsmen and bridal party’s wardrobe. It will make your wedding that much more special.

Our florists at The Tilted Tulip Florist in Jefferson City, TN want to help make your fall wedding theme the best it can be. Fall weddings have a special ambiance of their own. Pairing your fall wedding with the right fall wedding flowers to make it perfect for you. Your wedding is your day. Plan it together and watch love bloom.

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